Friday, November 9, 2007

staying warm

This is how I am staying warm this morning. It probably wasn't all that much warmer yesterday but the sight of snow this morning just chilled me!!!

This tea is chocolate caramal chai - addicting.

These I have been wearing (almost) daily for weeks...sometimes I forget I have them on and after hopping in the minivan my E laughs and points at my feet.

And lastly...NO not the husbands cashmere sweater. He swears I buy them for him (for me). He could wear short sleeves all year. He wears them maybe 8 times throughout the winter...I on the other hand have been known to sleep in them. I have my own but his are so big and comfy.


kittyhox said...

Can you please tell me where to find those cableknit boots?

They are darling!!

Love your blog!

Connecticut Charm said...

thanks - those are Gap. I now have 2 pairs, I love them. my little one wears similar ones from hanna anderson and when I saw them my size at the Gap I had to get them. J Crew had similar ones as well.

Glad you enjoy my blog!