Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, it's way past the end of summer and I had hoped I would get back to blogging once school started but better late than never I suppose! We had a wonderful, magical summer in Rhode Island and tons of visitors and parties at the new house. It is my dream house, walk outside and you are on the beach. Short walk to town, shopping and tons for the kids to do. Even though I live in Connecticut and we are close to the shore, I just feel at home in Rhode Island. I always have. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer as well.

E started her new school and L started there as well in preschool. The school has far exceeded my expectations. They have a live pianist at lunch! and they are served their meal by waitstaff! But more importantly, E is much more challenged academically. She is taking both Latin and French. The music, arts and theater program is absolutely amazing. They recently put on an energy-efficient addition and they are teaching the children about solar energy and there is just so much more she is exposed to. We, as a family, have always volunteered but now she is doing it with school as well. I could go on and on. I love how involved I get to be and the parents I have met are very sweet and it is like a family.

In other news....I am pregnant! Eight weeks along and everything is going great! After the ectopic pregnancy, we decided to just take things slow and whatever happens happens. Well it happened! We are so excited! We were planning a trip to Hawaii in the Spring but since I am due at the end of May (and I always deliver early) we moved our trip up and are going in November. The girls are very excited about being big sisters, especially L who will be 4 when the baby comes. E will be 10 and she is excited but she is more reserved about showing her feelings. She's more apprehensive as well. She's old enough to remember when L was born and she remembers the crying, etc. I regularly get together with a group of moms with children around L's age and three of them are pregnant, two just delivered in June/August and one more is trying now. So this baby already has lots of friends!

Halloween is just around the corner and I hope I can get a picture of the girls in their costumes up on here. E is going to be a "Devil Princess" and L will be a ballerina. I made E's costume but L had enough dress-up stuff that I didn't have to. We have another couple and their children over to our house on Halloween for dinner, then our town hosts a party on Main Street and tons of kids go. A lot of the houses on Main Street are having parties and the adults dress up and everyone gets into it. There is music and lights and it is just a lot of fun.

I have been trying to catch up on everyone's blogs, I seriously was unplugged (for the most part) this summer! I hope to be back in full swing with my blog, hopefully I still have some readers!

Happy to be back, hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Fall season and have a Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summertime Rolls

We are in RI for the Summer and I am taking a break for a while from blogging. So much going on! Hopefully I still have a few readers left and I will try and check in every now and then but for the most part, I will be busy with the new house and kids and going to the beach!!!

Hope everyone has a beautiful rest of the summer and I wish you all sunny days and good times with family and friends!

By the way, in the picture is E with Mr.C on her first ferris wheel ride! They are in the back so you can't really see too well. But she did it!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Shopping!

With everything that has gone on around here lately, my husband decided I needed a break and arranged (well his assistant a trip with some girlfriends to NYC for spa treatments and shopping! He just told me this morning and I am leaving Sunday night for 3 days! I am so excited so I wanted to share! I am off to my neice's birthday party now but I will add the details later today or tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

House of emergncies lately

I try to keep this blog positive but I feel I owe it to my readers to explain my longer than usual absences and delay in posting comments. Please know that we are all mostly well at the moment due to so much love, prayer and support from family and friends.

Our E, who is nine recently had appendicitis. It was misdiagnosed 3 times by her pediatrician (yes we switched drs since) and it ended up rupturing causing very serious emergency surgery. By the time she had the cat scan at the emergency room, they said it had ruptured 4 days earlier and it was the most scary thing that has ever happened to us. At the hospital they would not even discuss the next day with me, they would only go hour by hour. It was needless to say horrifying and I still have not broken down yet, you mothers know that your instinct to be strong for them overpowers your need to just lose it and get hysterical. I try not to think of how close we came to...sorry I can't still say it.

However, she has recovered remarkably well and it amazes me every day how fast she has bounced back. Children are amazing. She will actually be going back to school in two weeks! We are so blessed and I thank God and her doctors for her remarkable recovery. As well as all the prayers from friends and family and members of our church.

Then I was hospitalized for an ectopic pregnancy. Another extremely scary thing to go through but it was caught early and removed and I am doing very well.

Then it was L's turn just this last Monday. She woke up on Monday night (well early Tuesday morning) at 1:30 a.m. crying. My husband picked her up and brought her to me and she was burning up! I sent him to the kitchen to get Tylenol and while he was, she vomited all over me. She had had a bit of diarrhea that afternoon but her energy level was fine and she was eating and drinking as normal so I didn't think to much of that. We gave her a few sips of water to see if she would keep that down and she did so we gave her the Tylenol. She proceeded to vomit again all the Tylenol. I took her temperature under her armpit and it went up to 106.1. I have never seen anyone with a temp that high so we were trying to decide if we should bring her to the ER. We brought her in the bath and sponged her and after a half hour her fever went down to 103.2. I brought her out of the bath and continued to sponge her until her fever went down a bit more and she fell asleep. She slept with us in our bed (well I didn't sleep I was too worried) and she fell asleep and finally her fever broke. She woke up the next day absolutely fine! No fever, she ate breakfast, drank and had her energy back. Amazing!

So at this point everyone is recovering so well and hopefully things will be back to normal soon. I know I should have posted about this earlier because I'm sure you all would have sent positive thoughts and prayers our way but honestly I just have not had a minute to do so.

We are so lucky and thankful that everyone is well and recovering so wonderfully and I will keep you posted a bit more now that things have seemed to calm down around here.

Please send positive thoughts an prayers our way that we all continue on the road to recovery and good health!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day!

I know I have been a horrible blogger lately...just too much going on and have not found much time to myself lately. But I'm working on it! I plan to start this weekend. One of my favorite days of the year, Mother's Day. At our house we do "Mother's Day Weekend". Just like we do "Birthday Weekends" etc. We love holidays around here and make sure we make the most of them!

Our plans so far (or at least what I know of them!) will begin on Friday night when Mr.C and I will be going out for a date night. It has been a while since we have been to a movie for just the two of us so we are planning on dinner and a movie. I get to pick and I haven't decided yet what to see. In fact I don't even know what has come out recently! We will be going here to one of our favorite places for dinner. They always have the most fabulous salmon specials and I almost always get that. And I always get creme brulee for dessert. I am looking forward to dinner...if you can't tell!

On Saturday Mr.C will be dropping E and I off at this spa for some pampering in the morning. Then we will all be attending a birthday party at a local park for a friends two children. I am very excited because this friend I have not seen or talked to in 9 years! We had lost touch when we went our separate ways for college (we went to high school together) and she called me up out of the blue a couple weeks ago. It was so great because when we talked it was like no time had gone by at all and it turns out she now lives in the town next to us! I am so looking forward to seeing her again and meeting her family.

Sunday will be breakfast in bed (E has the whole menu planned out!) and then Mass and then....anything I want. Probably just staying home and spending time with Mr.C and my girls. That's really all I want to do. We have been quite busy lately and I am looking forward to relaxing at home all day.

Next weekend we will be heading to Rhode Island again to do more at the beach house. I already love it there. The designer I hired to help me with the house will be meeting us there again to do some more work. But to me it's not like work, I am having so much fun doing it! I will post some pictures soon. E's room is super cute. She wanted a "surfer girl" room. Now she will just have to learn how to surf this summer!

I hope all the moms have a lovely Mother's Day this weekend and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend as well!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Preppy Spring Swap goodies!!!!!

I was so excited to receive my swap package the other day! I had so much fun with the Preppy Spring Swap and I hope everyone else did as well! Here are the pictures!

The girls were so excited to open the box with me!

Me with my package, I was even more excited! Coincidentally, we were all wearing pink and green!

What we found when we opened the box, pink and green goodness!

A tote bage (I LOVE tote bags) embroidered in pink with my monogram held lots of treasures! The monogram was beautiful, Preppy Mama is very talented!

E and L were so excited to find a special package for each of them to open as well! I was so touched that she included them, she is so sweet.

Contents of E and L's packages. Everything was so personalized for them, both in their favorite colors. Their packages included (among other goodies) princess stuff for L (her favorite!) and for E, she received notecards with a stamp, because she loves sending cards to her friends and beautiful ribbons for her collection!

Contents of my package! Preppy Mama did a great job picking perfect items for me!

S - Sweet Smelling Soaps The picture came out to bright, but the soaps were beautifully engraved and smelled so wonderful!

P - Pretty Pad and Pen This was so pretty, and I am a list maker so I love having such a pretty pad and pen to make my endless lists on!

R - Ribbon Belt I love my new belt! So cute, I will wear it so much...I already have actually!

I - Ink In pink and green of course! One of my hobbies is stamping and making cards so I loved these!

N - New Kitchen Towels So perfect for Spring and I don't have monogrammed kitchen towels, Preppy Mama is very talented with monogramming. I think I will have to give it a shot someday. I would monogram everything in my house probably!

G - Goodies The whole family enjoyed these with me! Especially my fellow chocoholic in my house L who kept taking my M&Ms and trying to hide them!

Thanks again Preppy Mama, you did a wonderful job picking just the right things for me! I had SO much fun with the swap and I hope everyone else did as well!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pictures coming soon...I promise!

I was almost done with my post with all the pictures of my swap package when all of sudden, blogger wouldn't upload the rest of my pictures!!! Argh. But the post is almost done and I will upload the rest of the pictures tomorrow, hopefully. I keep getting a message that says my upload is incomplete due to an internal error. I tried a bunch of different times but still not working. If there are still problems tomorrow, I'll just post what I have uploaded already because I am so excited to share with everyone my wonderful package!