Thursday, April 24, 2008

Preppy Spring Swap goodies!!!!!

I was so excited to receive my swap package the other day! I had so much fun with the Preppy Spring Swap and I hope everyone else did as well! Here are the pictures!

The girls were so excited to open the box with me!

Me with my package, I was even more excited! Coincidentally, we were all wearing pink and green!

What we found when we opened the box, pink and green goodness!

A tote bage (I LOVE tote bags) embroidered in pink with my monogram held lots of treasures! The monogram was beautiful, Preppy Mama is very talented!

E and L were so excited to find a special package for each of them to open as well! I was so touched that she included them, she is so sweet.

Contents of E and L's packages. Everything was so personalized for them, both in their favorite colors. Their packages included (among other goodies) princess stuff for L (her favorite!) and for E, she received notecards with a stamp, because she loves sending cards to her friends and beautiful ribbons for her collection!

Contents of my package! Preppy Mama did a great job picking perfect items for me!

S - Sweet Smelling Soaps The picture came out to bright, but the soaps were beautifully engraved and smelled so wonderful!

P - Pretty Pad and Pen This was so pretty, and I am a list maker so I love having such a pretty pad and pen to make my endless lists on!

R - Ribbon Belt I love my new belt! So cute, I will wear it so much...I already have actually!

I - Ink In pink and green of course! One of my hobbies is stamping and making cards so I loved these!

N - New Kitchen Towels So perfect for Spring and I don't have monogrammed kitchen towels, Preppy Mama is very talented with monogramming. I think I will have to give it a shot someday. I would monogram everything in my house probably!

G - Goodies The whole family enjoyed these with me! Especially my fellow chocoholic in my house L who kept taking my M&Ms and trying to hide them!

Thanks again Preppy Mama, you did a wonderful job picking just the right things for me! I had SO much fun with the swap and I hope everyone else did as well!


Scarlet O'Kara said...

Yeah for your daughters and you. Those gifts looked great.

Thanks again for hosting...Cannot wait to participate in my next swap.

Melissa said...

For some reason, all the pictures are little x's! I wish I could see them :(

Preppy Mama said...

I'm glad you guys liked everything. I LOVE mine!!! I used my umbrella today since it was so rainy out!! Thanks again!!

lisagh said...

Great stuff! And thank you again so very much for hosting such a fun swap.

suburban prep said...

What a lucky group you are.

Hellooooo Gorgeous said...

your swap goodies are all so cute! next time you host a swap i am sooo in!