Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, it's way past the end of summer and I had hoped I would get back to blogging once school started but better late than never I suppose! We had a wonderful, magical summer in Rhode Island and tons of visitors and parties at the new house. It is my dream house, walk outside and you are on the beach. Short walk to town, shopping and tons for the kids to do. Even though I live in Connecticut and we are close to the shore, I just feel at home in Rhode Island. I always have. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer as well.

E started her new school and L started there as well in preschool. The school has far exceeded my expectations. They have a live pianist at lunch! and they are served their meal by waitstaff! But more importantly, E is much more challenged academically. She is taking both Latin and French. The music, arts and theater program is absolutely amazing. They recently put on an energy-efficient addition and they are teaching the children about solar energy and there is just so much more she is exposed to. We, as a family, have always volunteered but now she is doing it with school as well. I could go on and on. I love how involved I get to be and the parents I have met are very sweet and it is like a family.

In other news....I am pregnant! Eight weeks along and everything is going great! After the ectopic pregnancy, we decided to just take things slow and whatever happens happens. Well it happened! We are so excited! We were planning a trip to Hawaii in the Spring but since I am due at the end of May (and I always deliver early) we moved our trip up and are going in November. The girls are very excited about being big sisters, especially L who will be 4 when the baby comes. E will be 10 and she is excited but she is more reserved about showing her feelings. She's more apprehensive as well. She's old enough to remember when L was born and she remembers the crying, etc. I regularly get together with a group of moms with children around L's age and three of them are pregnant, two just delivered in June/August and one more is trying now. So this baby already has lots of friends!

Halloween is just around the corner and I hope I can get a picture of the girls in their costumes up on here. E is going to be a "Devil Princess" and L will be a ballerina. I made E's costume but L had enough dress-up stuff that I didn't have to. We have another couple and their children over to our house on Halloween for dinner, then our town hosts a party on Main Street and tons of kids go. A lot of the houses on Main Street are having parties and the adults dress up and everyone gets into it. There is music and lights and it is just a lot of fun.

I have been trying to catch up on everyone's blogs, I seriously was unplugged (for the most part) this summer! I hope to be back in full swing with my blog, hopefully I still have some readers!

Happy to be back, hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Fall season and have a Happy Halloween!