Thursday, November 8, 2007

All about me

Here goes my first post. Yes I have been lurking around, loving reading everyones blogs for a while now and I finally have created one of my very own. What a great way to capture all the "little things" and the big things too. I sit at the computer almost daily, so hopefully updating this won't be as hard as journaling in the baby books or lugging out the video camera. I guess those aren't too hard either but its not something I do every day. Since I am just beginning, please bear with me as I learn how to do all the neat things I see on other blogs, like pictures, links, etc.
So about me: I am 30 ish ok 31 whats the big deal. I have an 8 year old, "E" and a 2 year old "L". My fabulous husband is 30 (about to be 31). I'll call him "Mr.F" for fabulous, yes he is to me. Not sure yet about using names but maybe as I get more comfortable with this I will. Do you use real names here in blog world? We live in Litchfield County, Connecticut. It is really beautiful here and I love it. I have lived in Connecticut all my life. I love the change of seasons, love being close to NYC, Boston and most of all the beach. I'm not "on" the beach but close enough to get to Long Island Sound for the weekends in the summer and we vacation in Rhode Island in the summer as well. Winter brings out the craftiness in me and I love making Halloween costumes and last year I made my girls Christmas dresses for the first time. Plus all of our birthdays are in the Fall/Winter so I really enjoy planning all the parties. Which brings me to my newest adventure: starting an event planning business. I have done this for family and friends for years and its something that I have slowly been working on getting started professionally. Its a lot of research and I want to be ready before I "officially" start. I'm going to focus on social events (but not weddings). Maybe weddings someday. More on this to come.

So thats it for now! I really look forward to "meeting" some new blogging friends and sharing bits of my life with you all.


Preppy Mama said...

Just found your blog. Welcome! I am going to add you to my daily reads. This is so addicting, you'll love it!

Paula said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm pretty new at it, too.

Connecticut Charm said...

Thank you for the welcome!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Welcome! I'm fairly new (late August) but now it seems like I've been doing it forever. I LOVE Conneticut and the area you live in.
Again, welcome.

The 5 Bickies said...

You are now part of my favorites too! I have only been doing this since August and it has been such a fun network of "friends" with similar interests. Welcome to the fun!