Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Playing Dress Up?

Yesterday E received her school pictures (they came out adorable). I can remember my third grade picture and it was so awkward. You know that stage where you go from being cute to ummmm... not so cute until you get to high school and you get the braces off and start doing your hair and thinking your a supermodel? But I'm sure my mom thought I was still cute. And so here I am looking at her picture and being so proud that SHE is not in that awkward phase and is still adorable. But my post here is not about how freakin adorable my child is...because that would just go on for way to long. Its about the class picture. It seems that I am the only parent in my child's class who had her dress up for picture day. There she is in the front row (because thats where they put the cute ones...not short!) with her button down peter pan colored shirt, jumper, tights and mary janes and matching bow in her hair. Not to dressy but perfectly appropriate right? Well out of the ten girls in her class, only ONE other girl wore a skirt. The rest had on jeans, t-shirts, just not "dressed up" clothes. I'm just wondering if anyone else who has school-age children dresses them up for picture day or if this is a thing of the past? My daughter happens to have very conservative tastes and since her best friend went to private school this year, she has been dressing almost everyday in a sort of "uniform" which I love (she really wants to go there...Mr.F and I are thinking of it for next year or starting in middle school). She has never worn jeans to school, or even tshirts so I know I am a bit more conservative with what she wears daily but I would have thought on picture day more kids would have been dressed up. NOT in hannah montanna tees and such. BTW, most of the moms around here dress outstanding. They just don't dress up their kids I guess. But maybe its just me and I am just playing dress up? Oh well...I love it.

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Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

I have one daughter and my opinion is this: It may be the only time in my life that I have the opportunity to "dress up" a child. Boys just seem less likely to comply. Therefore, I take full advantage of this opportunity and dress her up all of the time. I think you should play dress up for as long as she will let you!