Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

I have had a few minutes off to have some relaxing time... been cooking/cleaning/preparing for a few days now. I would say I'm tired but I really love doing this. E is finishing up the tags for the breads and then we are off to deliver them. I ended up getting so much done that tomorrow will actually be quite calm. We will watch the parade while eating cinnamon buns like we do every year. Have a light brunch (Mr.F is making that) and then guests arrive at 2.

There are so many things I am thankful for and I don't have much time but here we go.

1. My husband. He is my best friend. I am more comfortable with him than anyone in the world. We get along so well and rarely disagree and if we do it lasts about 10 minutes before one of us says I'm so sorry, I hate fighting, I love you, I can't be mad. He treats me and always has as if I am a queen and our girls as princesses. He believes thats how women and girls should be treated. He spoils us beyond belief and loves to make us happy. He is hysterically funny and makes me laugh until I have tears streaming down my face. He is the best father and does bath time every night that he is home to do it. He always changed diapers and watching me breastfeed L made him so happy he would become teary. He is "step dad" to E but really is a dad to her, having raised her since she was 2. He is patient and kind and thoughtful. I fall more in love with him every day.

2. My girls. They are my joy, my inspiration and my love. E has become one of the most thoughtful, sensitive, caring girls and she makes me so proud. Her dedication to school and piano blow me away, when I was 8 I didn't care that much about anything! She is sweet and loving and so protective of her little sister. L has grown so quickly into such a spunky, fun, lovable 2 year old. Everywhere she goes she makes everyone smile. Her passion comes through in everything that she does. Her love of life inspires me daily.

3. My family. Mom, dad, sister and brother. They have always been there for me and support me in everything I do. I am so thankful that we all live so close and get together often.

4. My community. I am so fortunate to live in a small town where everyone helps and supports each other. There is so many wonderful opportunities for my children. We feel safe playing outside and have a wonderful school system. When I lived here as a young single mom, I was fortunate to benefit from the generosity of those in this town who helped me through hard times. Now I am fortunate to be able to give back and help others who are in need. It makes me so happy to be able to donate my time as well as money to help my community.

5. My friends. Oh my, through good times and bad, they are always there. For late night talks and early morning walks, for last minute shopping trips and laughing about high school skinny dips. Also for new friends and the many wonderful ways they brighten my days!

6. My faith. I am thankful for my Catholic upbringing and how it has helped shaped who I am.

There are so many things I am thankful and grateful for but today and tomorrow I will be thinking of these 6 things the most. I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, fun and safe Thanksgiving!

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The Mrs. said...

Boy are you blessed! So much to be thankful for!!!