Monday, November 19, 2007

Favorite Children's Books

My first tag! How fun! I have been tagged by One Fabulous Mom to list my children's favorite books. Oh my there are so many.

I'll start with L.
Right now she is very into princesses so she loves this and any book about princesses.

We also still read this every night (and have since she was born)

Paper Parade is a book that was actually given to E when L was born but L wants us to read it just about every day.

She also loves any Dr. Suess book and the Baby Einstein books.

E is a very good reader and started reading at 4. She LOVES books and reads all the time.

She read all of the Harry Potter books

She is also making her way through a set of Illustrated Classics that she received as a gift.

One of her favorite books is The Secret Garden

In kindergarten, first and second grade she read all the Junie B. Jones books

as well as The Boxcar Children series

and the Magic Tree House series.

Every night E reads to all of us a story from this children's Bible

Both my girls like the Little Critters books by Mercer Mayer as well as poetry books, currently we are reading from A Family of Poems