Friday, December 7, 2007

What to wear?

We are attending a Baptism this Sunday and I do not think I have ever attended one in the fall/winter. Very odd I know but it seems like there are so many winter babies in our family so Baptisms always end up in the spring or even summer. I almost always wear a lightweight wool or tweed skirt suit in a soft shade to them in spring or linen in summer. But I have no idea what to wear this weekend.

It is very early (10 a.m.) and it will be very chilly. I am thinking a tweed skirt in a brown autumn shade with a sweater and of course under a good coat. That is usually what I wear to Mass anyway on Sundays. The brunch afterwards will be at a very elegant place and I am just not sure that will be dressy enough though. I just can't make up my mind on what to wear. Since the brunch will probably run past 1 p.m. I suppose I can go with a wool suit...? What color? Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Landsend has this really great plaid blanket wool skirt. It's a great lenght (below the knee). It would look great with a nice turtleneck and blazer or fall sweater. Just my thoughts!

Kiki said...

JCrew has some fabulous options, they are my "go to" for affordable classic but special clothes. They have a beautiful "suiting dress" made of fab merino wool but lined, it is in my favorite, but looks beautifully cut. I can't wait to see what you wear. Hope you have fun!