Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Busy days

We have been very busy here at the Charming household lately! Friday night Mr.F and I went to his company's holiday dinner at Le Chateau - lots of fabulous food, people and dresses! I wore this

I love the holidays (have I mentioned that a million times yet?) and we try to go to a lot of the local holiday events. Our town has a Holiday Festival every year with several craft fairs as well as horse-drawn carriage rides and visits with Santa. The Town Green is decorated and the Boy Scouts sell wreaths there. In the evening they have carolers and light the tree. So that is what we did on Saturday. At one of the craft fairs a newspaper photographer took pictures of the girls and I and E is soo excited to be in the paper. She has been in the papers a few times but each time she gets as excited as the last!
This is what the girls wore on Saturday:
E wore this

L wore this:

And I wore this:

On Sunday we went to get our Christmas Tree. We go to a place called Stew Leonards because it is so easy, everyone is so helpful and we always get a perfect tree. We used to go to the "cut-your-own" tree farm but with the two girls at this age this is so much easier. Plus they have Santa there and they got to sit on his sleigh and tell him what they want and we got the picture. So we now have about 4 different pictures with different Santas!
Here is L picking out our perfect tree

And Mr.F putting it on the car

We spent the rest of Sunday decorating the tree. Along with all our treasured ornaments, I also do a color theme for the tree. For example, silver and gold, jewel-toned colors, red and green plaid, etc. This year I was doing red and white, but I still need some extra white decorations. Mr.F said "I thought you were going to finally do a pink and green tree like in the girls playroom." I just always thought that would be to girly for him but he said go for it. SO now I am trying to decide if I will do it. I would just need to get more pink since I have green already. The tree is decorated with the red and some white but I haven't made it to the store yet...maybe I'll decide then.

On Monday E had a half day of school and we had our conference Monday night. It went really well and I could've listened to the teacher talk about how great E is for about 3 extra hours...lol. She just loves school and does very well.

So now I guess I'm caught up with my blog and I'll be spending some time reading everyone else's!

Tomorrow night Mr.F and I are going to the theater to see A Christmas Carol. I'm having a pampering day tomorrow so I am really looking forward to that.

Oh and Mr.F thinks his name on my blog should be Mr.Charming which is a good idea so I think I will refer to him as Mr.C from now on.


Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

I am jealous of the snow on the ground in the pics! I saw a red and white decorated tree this weekend and loved it. Please post pics. of whichever you choose!

Paula said...

Where did you get that gorgeous dress? I love it!

It sounds like your household is having a great holiday season.

Mrs.Charm said...

Pinot - I think I am going with the red/white, still not done but I will post pics when I am!

Paula - We really are having a great season. The dress I wore to the company party is Lilly Pulitzer.