Friday, December 7, 2007

She's my girl!

It's a Friday evening in December and we are home with no company coming over and the girls are tucked into bed. Mr.C rented The Nanny Diaries and we are about to settle in and watch it. I wanted to post what L said during prayers tonight before I forgot.

We all say together the usual prayers and then we individually say thanks or whatever we would like.

E: (age 8) Thank you God for a wonderful day and my family and I pray for a good, fun weekend and lots more snow. Amen.

L: (age 2) Thank you God for shopping. Amen.


The Mrs. said...

Adorable!!!! I can't wait to make saying prayers a nightly thing with Landon. He's seventeen months I think I'll start soon!

Kerry said...

Little L's prayer made this shopaholic SMILE!

TCP said...

Hee! Thanks for the giggle.

Kiki said...

Amen!! So sweet!!!