Thursday, December 6, 2007

I love physical therapy

I have started physical therapy for my lower back...I have had a lot of pain since the end of October. This is from a previous injury going back quite a few years and somehow I seemed to have reinjured. I had/have two herniated discs and sciatica. I am 31 and lately have felt like I am 75!
But I try not to focus on the negative so I don't really complain about it. The only reason I am posting about it now is because... well... my physical therapist is SO HOT! He is probably 25 and thinks I am an old lady but I don't mind. It makes going much more enjoyable!
Today Mr.Charming worked from home so he took me and he thinks it is so funny that I am crushing like a little schoolgirl. Afterward in car I was giggling the whole ride. Then I made him stop at the Gap to pick up some new workout clothes because...any excuse to shop right? And a cute PT is a reason to shop. I love that I can joke about this with Mr.C. In fact he's been calling my cell from the home phone all afternoon saying he's "Jake" and he needs me to come in tonight for some "extra" exercises. Yes I know we are both silly/dorky. But a housewife has to have her little crushes! I love when a repairman shows up and he is a cutie. Mr.C is by far the most handsome/hottie/cutie I have ever laid eyes on so he has no worries about this at all. He actually thinks its really cute. And by the way, can you believe his name is Jake...its just about the dreamiest name, remember 16 Candles?

Later I will get to posting about our evening at the theater last night. SO wonderful. I love the dress that I wore. First time wearing it and it is just one of those perfect LBDs.

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