Monday, March 31, 2008

Please bear with me...

I have had a tough weekend and I am trying really hard to get everyone's names exchanged. There were a few mix-ups but hopefully I straightened them out. If your email partner is different than the list that I previously posted on my blog, please email me so I can make sure which is correct.

Also this is my first time being involved in a swap, much less hosting one so I don't really know what I am doing...hahaha. But I think it will all work out fine and be a lot of fun!

I have to go back to the hospital to see my mom, please keep her in your prayers.
Thanks for all your help guiding me through the process of hosting a swap as well as well as the well wishes for my mom.


Preppy Mama said...

keeping you and your mom in my prayers. Hope all goes well.

The Lawyer's Wife said...

Well wishes to your mom! You have done a great job and I am super happy. Great job on hosting!!!

I will be needing your address to send you some happies as well! :)

Liz said...

Thanks for putting all of this together. I am very excited for this swap!

You mom is in my prayers for a speedy recover.

Beth G. said...

Hi, I'm not in your swap but just wanted to say that I hope your Mom is doing better:) Good thoughts being sent your way.