Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun, Fun!

So many people already signed up for the swap! I am so excited! For any newcomers all info can be found on the link at the right. Please feel free to put info about the swap or link to my blog on your blog as well.

It is a dreary day here in Connecticut and I am stuck indoors anyways since I had another cortisone injection in my back. I just ate way too much for lunch...leftover St. Patrick's Day Dinner. I think it may be nap time...if only my L would nap. If she does though she is up until 11 pm and that does not work out well for Mr.C and I. We like to have our evenings together.

I just finished some online shopping for Easter for the girls. Yes ridiculous express shipping charges and all. I have not had my act together with Easter at all. I don't know when the Easter Bunny started bringing gifts and not just candy but it is probably because E is not a sweets fan and I used to get her books, little toys, etc. instead. L would be fine with all chocolate but I always feel like I have to make everything even for them. If E gets gifts then L gets gifts. Since L will get candy, E will get candy, even though she won't eat it. Do I drive myself crazy with this a bit??

This year my sister is having Easter at her house and I am SO glad. I am not up to it. I don't even know why I ended up hosting St.Patrick's Day dinner with my parents. But Mr.C did help out A LOT with that. But I am looking forward to a long Easter weekend where I don't have to care if the house is a mess, I don't have to cook the meal, I am bringing glazed carrots (easy recipe) and that's all. I really hope the weather brightens up a bit so it starts to feel like Easter time!

Thanks again for everyone who signed up for the swap! And there is still plenty of time to sign up if you haven't yet. It will be so fun to get a cheery Spring, preppy, pink and green package in the mail!

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jilly said...

My sister and I always got special little toys in our baskets as well, sometimes even clothes. I love the whole basket thing and dying eggs. Looking forward to this weekend! Hope yours is sunny!