Saturday, March 29, 2008

Partner List!

We had a drop out at the last minute so what I decided to do is put my moms name in. I will use my address and email for that partner and I will give the gift of goodies to my mom. She has been going through such a hard time that I think it will really brighten her day. She is still on bedrest from surgery so I'll do all the shopping for her!

Here is the partner list:

Jennifer S and Kate H

Jill E and Kelly S

Scarlet O and Maria M

Paige M and Maggi M

Kate B and Sarah S

Elizabeth P and Hillary P

Ali and Liz W

MMM and Lisagh K

Cara F and Meghan M

TCP and Magnolia Mama

Stacy D and Sherry W

Erin B and Jennifer D

Amy S and Anne W

Amy F and Gina F

Kimberly M and Cassie

Sara W and Impoverished Preppy

Gail S and Gabi R

ATC and Pearls&Grace

Kim in ATL and Penny R

Andie and Christian M

Lori D and Michelle H

Chelsea W and SLS

Joey Michelle and Mary K

KK and Kacey M

Kim E and Linda L

Okay hope everyone finds their name, if any problems, please email me at

I have to go to my moms now, she is not doing to well from her surgery but later tonight or tomorrow I will get everyone their email out with partners information!

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Kate said...

Hurray! Sara - Will you please send me an invite to "In the lives of 5 year olds" so I can get some ideas for your package? Thanks!